Our Tactical Investment Funds

Regardless of which approach appeals to you and your practice, the TFA Funds provide an alternative approach to portfolio design that can help advisors differentiate their services.

The TFA Allocation Funds utilize a multi-manager method to portfolio management. TFA believes such an approach improves diversification and can “smooth out the ride” through market cycles. Instead of a single investment manager’s approach to the markets, TFA Allocation Funds provide investors with multiple managers, multiple strategies, and multiple investing methodologies all working across multiple time frames.

Integrating our multi-approach with our risk assessment allows us to visualize and objectively pinpoint your risk number. Once the framework is done then we will align your risk number with funds to match.

If you would like to better understand your risk score and risk tolerance, click the button above to take a short questionnaire from Riskalyze. This questionnaire will help us and you understand your risk tolerance. Once completed, the system will automatically send the results to us and we will reach out to discuss.

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