TFA helps investors (i) manage the risks of bear market cycles, (ii) enhance portfolio diversification, and (iii) seek out opportunities during bull markets.

Adapt to changing market environments

TFA employs risk management strategies designed to lose less during severely negative environments and adapt to changing market environments.

Ask yourself: Do you REALLY want to remain fully invested in the stock market the next time the bears control Wall Street? And doesn’t it make sense to try and lose less when stocks enter a severely negative phase that can produce declines of -30%, -40%, or more? Finally, is using the same investing strategy for both bull and bear markets a good idea?

TFA portfolios are designed to be flexible and to adapt to changing market environments. Multiple strategies are employed in all funds to ensure that managers can “make hay when the sun is shining” in the markets AND to play defense when the financial seas get stormy.

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We provide an alternative approach to diversify your portfolio design.

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