Beyond The Quarterly Re-Balance

Beyond Quarterly Re-Balance; Tactical Portfolios Can Adjust Daily to Offer Risk Management, Alpha

When news of the pandemic spread last spring, the market quickly cratered, with equities indexes losing 30% and more. Traditional 60/40 modeled portfolios were slow to react to this new risk landscape, or re-position for new opportunities. The popular MPT (Modern Portfolio Theory), with end-of-quarter re-balancing was out of step with modern markets.

Today’s new generation of multiple strategy, tactical allocation funds are designed to quickly recognize and respond to new market conditions.

An established investment style, tactical funds actively manage timeframes and models of primary asset classes to seek to enhance portfolio returns, while at the same time seeking to minimizing risk. Today’s new generation of tactical funds are guided by sophisticated data analysis and quant input to deliver in a timely fashion responsive asset allocation and investment style shifts.

“Modern Portfolio Theory’s 60/40 allocation and its four-times-a-year portfolio re-balancing can be significantly enhanced with the integration of multiple tactical strategies, multiple methodologies, multiple models and multiple timeframes,” according to Drew Horter, President of Tactical Fund Advisors (TFA) and its family of tactical mutual funds. “Modern markets demand modern solutions and today’s new generation of tactical funds seek to provide that solution.

The TFA funds are now available to investors nationwide through the financial advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries who serve them. TFA serves as Fund Advisor to the family of multi-manager and single-manager TFA funds:

  • Tactical Growth Allocation Fund (TFAFX, TFAEX)), Tactical Moderate Allocation Fund (TFAUX, TFAMX), and Tactical Conservative Allocation Fund (TFAZX, TFALX) – The multi-manager allocation funds seek to provide capital appreciation and are sub-advised by five unaffiliated mangers, each utilizing their own management style for their portion of the Funds.
  • TFA Multidimensional Tactical Fund (TFADX) and TFA Quantitative Fund (TFAQX) – The single manager funds share the goal of capital appreciation but are sub-advised by two different unaffiliated managers, whom utilize different management styles for their respective Funds.

Let us know if you’re interested in speaking with Drew and/or receiving research from Tactical Fund Advisors.

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