Mr. Hetzer is the Director of Operations and Technology. Kevin is responsible for overseeing trading, billing, account reconciliation, and ACAT transfers, and plays a pivotal role on enterprise level partnerships with key vendors involved within each department of the organization.

Kevin has been intimately involved with many aspects that have led to the formation of Tactical Fund Advisors and its success. His role includes overseeing all trading and fund administrative duties. A sharp eye for operational efficiencies and regulatory processes allows Kevin to flourish in his role. He is also responsible for all fund financial communication with both the Sub-Advisors and plays point with the lead custodian of all TFA Funds.

Kevin leads the group of staff members in the company and is keenly aware of his people’s disposition and consistently focusing on improving processes and efficiencies. Kevin started his college career as a football team member at Wittenberg University and later transferred to the Indiana University where is graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration.

 Kevin Hetzer